The West Tennessee Nurse Practitioner's Alliance (WTNPA) is a group of Advance Practice Nurses( or nurse practitioners) from West Tennessee (Jackson) and surrounding areas. We are varied in our specialties which include Family Practice, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Women's Health, Mental Health, Nurse Midwives, Dermatology, Education and More. We have regular monthly meetings on the second Thursday of every month at various locations. We participate in local, state and national seminars and conventions to remain abreast of the latest education, technologies, and issues affecting our practice. We have developed this web site to keep other Advanced Practice Nurses informed of current events affecting our group. This includes information regarding upcoming local events such as Health Fairs and other health-related events, news and updates from Nashville on the latest political issues affecting Advanced Practice Nursing. We will post updates on a regular basis prior to our meetings, which are held the second Thursday of each month. Additionaly, we encourage APNs to check the site frequently for interim updates, such as pending legislative issues and employment opportunities. Most of all, we want it to be fun and informative site that you will bookmark and return to for the latest information.

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